Looking Out My Back Window #235

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Everything’s amazing, but where are our heads at? I often look at small things in life with awe and wonder. The fact I can think a thought and use my hands to type that thought on my iPad, then eventually click a button and everyone in the entire world can read what I wrote – that’s incredible. How is that even possible? It’s totally amazing to me, all of it. The fact that we can think – amazing. What is language? Where did that come from? How is it possible that humans evolved all over the planet to create languages at all? And not just the ability to speak, but write? Incredible. And then the ability to learn more than one language as well. Some day I have to look into the history behind it all. It’s amazing to me. Our bodies – wow, what we can do… it’s all incredible. In conjunction with our ability to think we’ve created entire civilizations. Homes, roads, bridges, space ships, computers, cell phones… it’s almost overwhelming how amazing that is to me. We have all these incredible things at our disposal, always. And where do we spend our time? Worrying about things we can’t control is often the answer. Working jobs we don’t like to pay bills we wish we didn’t have just to get by. Wishing we had done things differently, or could change where we’re at physically, mentally or emotionally. Self loathing. Never meeting up to our own impossible expectations about who we are, where we should be, and what our lives should look like. What was it like to be a human before language? It’s a hard thing to even imagine now, but there was a time before language. Shelter and food would become top priorities. Clothing, personal safety since people were most likely on the food chain of other animals as well… wasn’t all that long ago we didn’t have cars or planes or telephones at all or computers… and now we do. We have so much more at our disposal than ever before in history, yet suicide and depression might be at all time highs. Why is that?… because we’re not using what we’ve created to help us create better lives. The weight of the world weighs heavy on our souls, and that can be reflected sometimes in physical weight as well. And instead of waking up and looking at the coffee maker in awe and wonder – “how do they make these things? Who came up with this idea? What does it take to get this coffee to me?”… we think, “I wish I didn’t have to go in today. I hope Mrs. Johnson isn’t mad about the comment she overheard me make at the baseball game last week. I look terrible today”… etc, etc, etc… I know I’ve mentioned it before in the weekly posts, but it’s in my mind again today, “Everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy”. Louis CK has an awesome YouTube clip on this HERE. It really pays to occasionally step back and be grateful for everything. Every moment. All of it. Live in wonder and awe of the beauty that surrounds us. Our lives become what we focus on. Focus on what’s good and get in touch with who you really are and what is possible for you as you move in the direction of your dreams. And be aware of the wonder and beauty of every moment. We really don’t get that many, so we can’t let any of them go to waste.

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