Looking Out My Back Window #255

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Well, hey there! It’s raining in Wisconsin today. After my blog post last week, I had a fantastic idea regarding the subject matter for today’s blog. I mean, it was clearly a great topic and I couldn’t wait to write it. So great I didn’t bother to write it down or anything because, well… you know – I’d just “remember” it… (sigh)… and, uh… well… I don’t remember it. It’s gone… gone forever. By now you’d think I’d know better, right? I’ve lost so many good ideas and thoughts in my life because I left it up to just “remembering” them… then I didn’t. Ever since I’ve had a smart phone with video capability one thing I use it for is to make a video of anything musical I write that I might want to revisit later and write a song around. Man, that comes in handy. And, at work I basically write everything down. Too many things coming way too fast to leave anything to chance there. But every now and then I’ll take that chance in my personal life, and sometimes it’ll be just fine, but, man – it’s frustrating when it isn’t. Nobody to blame but me, either. I could have just jotted it down somewhere. But, nooooooo… that would be way too easy. So this is a blog about nothing, because that’s what I have today. Nothing. I do wonder how many great ideas people have had that never materialized because they weren’t remembered, though. Anyway, all I can think of today is what I can’t think of today. So, write it down, people! Take a photo, make a video, whatever you need to do. Or risk losing it forever. I apologize for the loss of the best blog ever today due to my own negligence 🙂

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