Looking Out My Back Window #266

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Summer is winding down, the NFL season is gearing up, it’s almost September, and once again this year is blowing by. We really get so few of them, too – you know? So how do we live our best lives? I’ve done a few things in my life. Played thousands of gigs. Recorded several albums of music. Written several books. Helped hundreds of people over the years in my various sales jobs, as well as being available to the recovering community for anyone who has reached out to me while battling an addiction. I know I’ve made a serious, positive difference in the lives of many people in my time on Earth so far. Yet the other day I caught myself seeing my life as a failure. Like I really really missed the boat on what could have been, you know? Wow. Funny how sometimes we can do 99 things right and our mind will focus on the 1 failure. I think in general I’m good at keeping a positive viewpoint and attitude, so when that brief negative overall viewpoint on my life popped into my head the other day it did surprise me. But I also know my stress levels are stupid high right now. My fitness routines are suffering as my work schedule needs to be primary focus here for a couple months as we get settled into the new office. And this has been a lifetime push/pull experience for me. I’m a focused and driven individual, always have been. Extremely competitive. Very hard on myself – I expect perfection, always. Anything short of being #1 can and often does feel like failure to me. I am also a very spiritual person as well. And I’m focused on staying as physically healthy as possible. That drive to be #1 can lead to burnout. I don’t eat, sleep or workout like I’d like to. Physical burnout takes a mental toll, too. So when I get a thought popping into my head like “what a failure I am”, it’s a huge red flag to me. Time to shift that focus a bit more towards meditation, yoga and running. These are things that bring my mind closer to God. Where being #1 doesn’t matter as much as doing what I love, being the best person I can be, being grateful, helping wherever I can, and growing a greater appreciation for the gift of life that we’ve all been given. Really knowing that inner space where it’s only love, then living from there as much as possible. I’ve known a lot of people in my life who were #1 to me no matter where they were on anyone else’s depth chart. The funny thing is, you often become #1 because you’re focusing on being the best person you can be first. We all want to be around people who have a real passion for life. That passion comes from within. I have such a great appreciation right now for the people and places in my life that keep me grounded. Every moment is a miracle. Thanks for sharing a few of yours by reading this today 🙂

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