Looking Out My Back Window #278

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I’ve had the chance to be at a couple events this year that had music and dancing. I really like to watch people dance. And in both cases, there were a couple people who were just so good at it. They really let the feeling that the music gave them come though with their movement. Free and loose and confident. “Dance like nobody’s watching” is much easier said than done. And some people just have that ability naturally. Kids usually don’t have as much of an issue with dancing as adults do, they’ll just go for it. But… adults? We get all in our heads. I think I’d be a great dancer if I could let myself go enough. But, as far as people who get “all in their heads” go, well – sometimes I’m the king. Even if I am really feeling the music and I’m totally alone – I don’t think I can let the dancer within me really let loose. And as I was watching people dance while we were in Hawaii recently I started thinking about how we often let our insecurities stop us from even trying things we might be good at. When I was younger I used to dance. The late 70s? Disco, baby. Dancing. I got jiggy with it. Or at least I thought I did – I was still drinking at the time. But a sober, older me? Just not my thing right now… but why? Why do we stop ourselves from trying new things based only on our fear of not being good at them, or looking silly? Doesn’t insecurity really suck some of the potential out of life, then? Confidence is often built over time, too. As a musician, the first time you actually play in front of people can be scary. After thousands of shows, you’ll hit the stage with a lot more confidence than you did on show #1. But you have to play show #1 to get there. As I age, I feel that I’m maybe willing to take more risks to experience life fully. Who am I to tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do or try something new? Maybe there’s a freedom and joy on the other side of that insecurity like nothing I’ve ever felt before. And I refuse to let me take that away. If you need me, I’ll be in the music room dancing. I’m gonna start with “Not Done Yet” by SOJA. That song always makes me want to move. Today I’m going for it. Yes, by myself with the shades drawn, but – every journey begins with a single step. What are you stopping yourself from trying today?