Looking Out My Back Window #277

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The older I get, the more I realize the importance of living from a place of love and gratitude. We leave for home tonight after another fantastic Maui vacation. It is in no way lost on me that even taking one Hawaiian vacation is a lifetime event for many people, and totally not even a consideration for many others. Right now it’s something we do often, but life can change in a second, right? And it often does. You have to surrender to what’s in front of you and sometimes just have faith that everything will work out. And life throws you challenges. It always has, it always will. I’m admittedly quick to anger. Way more so than I want to be. I’ve never been a “still waters” type person. I like feeling my emotions, whatever they are, and as an emotional person you’ll pretty much know and see how I’m feeling if you’re with me. We get one life, we will be challenged, there are always times it will be hard to live from a place of love and gratitude. Vacations help ease the everyday stress and tension to make it easier to do once you’re back to the daily routine. We met some awesome people on this trip, and as a person who also likes to study others I noticed how some of them just had this vibe that sucked you right in. It’s an inner thing – they obviously enjoy their life and that feeling gets shared because of it without even trying. What a great way to live. I think I have that at times, but I strive to make that more and more of my daily existence. With the limited time we have, I’d rather share love than anything else. I think most people feel that way. Knowing it and doing it, well – maybe a lifetime task. I know I’m still a work in progress…

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