Looking Out My Back Window #28

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I have this crazy competitive nature. Like, everything I do I want to win. I want to be #1. I expect nothing less of myself. If I’m doing something, basically anything, I try to do it better than anyone else ever did it. I guess until recently I never gave it much thought. It’s part of what drives me, what has made me successful in business endeavors. I will outwork, outlearn and overproduce, and having that expectation in basically anything you do can also have negative consequences. Why do I even have this at all? Where does this competitive nature come from? Is it innate? I see a lot of little kids who seem to have it at a very young age. Innate or learned? I’m not sure anyone can answer that definitively. Wherever it comes from, it comes with side effects. I always feel like I should be working. In the back of my mind there’s kinda this little voice saying “you’ve got a lot of things to do, you shouldn’t be wasting your time writing a blog”, etc… which leads to a kind of constant anxiety. And, my nature is to take on everything no matter what my obligations already are. Need me to run that meeting, sure I can do it – fill in on bass and learn 40 songs in two days? I’m your guy. Like, I have this glorified expectation level that says I can do and be everything to everyone always. So I’m really looking at that right now and wondering – where did it come from, why do I feel this way, and does it serve me? Because as much as I think a competitive drive can be a driving force to get things done, I’m not sure it’s a path to a loving and peaceful life. I also have a part of me very focused on serving others. I’ve long thought that in any business relationship, and/or sales job, the people who have the most success will be the ones focused on serving others. Really, what is needed is passion for what you do and a desire to help others in whatever way you can. That’s a decent recipe for success. And, if you love what you do, you’re helping others as you do it, you’re bringing joy to their lives, does it matter if you’re #1?… (asking for a friend)…

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