Looking Out My Back Window #281

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Blinds are closed today and I left them that way. I had a pretty intense meditation yesterday, where I realized how much power I hold within my heart and how little of that power is actually being used and shared with the world. I think I can be a pretty intense individual. I’m quick to all emotions, and I can’t see living any other way, really – part of living life is feeling the emotions to me. But if you know me as a friend or acquaintance, I can certainly seem driven, focused, and probably overbearing at times. How many people see beyond that into what’s really inside? A few. As humans, I’m not sure we’re really all that in touch with the power we hold within ourselves. And even if we were aware, could we share that with the people in our lives? Are we truly ready to let our love be seen by everyone? What if we were? It isn’t easy to truly live from a place of love and acceptance. We get glimpses, but then we head into the world and the world will push your buttons. Things will happen that won’t exactly make us feel at peace. We can get caught up in the melodrama and forget who we are, who we really are. Not our bodies. Not our minds. These are the tools we’ve been given. Not our thoughts. We are not our thoughts, we are behind the thoughts, watching. And so much of our lives is lived in front of ourselves that we seldom take the time to look within, much less make a conscious decision to live from that space. What if we could? What if we could meet each other within that part that knows only love? Do you think anyone has ever done it? When I think about the people historically speaking who got as close as possible to living from that place within us it’s the great spiritual leaders – Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Dalai Lama, etc… and we tend to view them as outside our realm of capability. But we really all have the power to be as in touch with God, or love, or whatever you want to call the essence of our beings, as they are and/or were. I don’t think I’ll get anywhere near that good at living from that space, but I know I try to get better at it every day. The holidays give us a great season to really step back and be grateful for everything in our lives. For life itself, really. And we can let those around us know how much they mean to us, not just in the holiday season but year round. We do this by letting our hearts be the guide with our thoughts and actions as much as possible. May you be in touch with that part of yourself today and always. And maybe someday we can all meet in the space where our hearts are one.