Looking Out My Back Window #364

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I think about happiness a lot. I wonder if I’m truly happy… I think in general I am, but – we all have our ups and downs, right? I journal a lot, every day really – at least three pages – and often I ask myself if I’m happy, or what are the things I could be doing to make life a more enjoyable experience. What would be the “ultimate” life, you know?… and when you really start to look at it, at least for me – I’m where I am because of choices I made, right? So… wherever I find myself in the future will be based on the choices I make on a day to day basis right now. What choices would create the best future?… would I like to live in a better house?… not really, we love our house. Make more money?… think we’re good there as well… impact the lives of more people in a positive way?… ah – there’s one. It’s a huge driving force in my life, really. And I think it’s something I do every day through my work. People often wonder why I work so much, it’s because I love what I do. I love the “numbers” aspect of being a financial advisor, true – but, really – it’s the interpersonal relationships that really drive us. It’s being the first call when someone is in a time of need – having a baby, leaving a job, retiring, getting a divorce, or dealing with the death of a loved one. It’s building an ethical business that people can trust, and always focusing on doing what’s right for the clients. So… that is something that is very important to me, and again – I really think I have it covered as we continue to grow that business every day. So, then – what could I do to be happier if all the more “common” things people might say as a response to that question are already taken? Well, I am always looking to be as physically healthy as possible, and there’s certainly work to do there. Not enough sleep for sure. The work is great, but can be overwhelming and has a certain amount of stress built in at the level we’re currently at. I could watch what I eat, how much I eat and when I eat a lot more closely. I’d like to be healthier. And – I have stuff everywhere. It just builds up – piles of stuff all over the place. An insane amount of musical gear. And as I look at all the stuff that I have that I need to go through “someday”, I realize I have my life setup so my brain is as cluttered as my office is. Stuff everywhere. All demanding attention. So – where is there peace, then? This is something I’m starting to look into a bit more again – decluttering. Do I need 35 bass guitars? Does anyone? Not really, but I do like buying, selling and trading. What if I actually just kept the best ones, and used the time spent on all the transactional stuff on actually playing instead? Ah… good question. One that I’m looking into… so these days when I ask myself what would make me happier, I see that where I’m at is pretty good, actually. That wasn’t always the case, though. I’ve been in debt. I’ve had jobs I thought were meaningless just to make money to pay the rent on a place I didn’t like at all, but it was all I could afford. I’ve been in relationships that I needed to get out of. I’ve had times where I was really not physically fit at all. I’ve been depressed to the point of wondering if I even wanted to live back before I quit using alcohol and drugs. And now here I am. I remember years ago thinking “I’d love a home in the country” – done. I had dreams of what I thought was a high annual income and net worth that I set as goals years ago that have long ago been surpassed. I think I gave up a bit on the “being a rock star” goal, but I love the band I’m in, and I’m proud of the resume I have looking back on all the bands I’ve played with over the years. So… what I see today came from all those dreams years ago. All that being said – what happens when you fulfill your dreams? Dream bigger?… maybe. Just enjoy the ride?… think that’s where I’m at for now. Sometimes it pays to look back and appreciate how far you’ve come. And, as always – enjoy every moment. You become who you are because of who you were. No regrets. We learn from it all. Every now and then, give some thought to where you’re at, and where you’re headed. Today’s thoughts will create tomorrow’s reality…

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