Looking Out My Back Window #283

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In the past couple weeks I’ve been around several people who would maybe qualify as “challenged” I guess, either mentally or physically. My first instinct, and maybe it’s this way for most of us I guess, is to feel sorry for them and their families. Like it’s a great burden to bear. And it’s a really tough subject for me to write about, too. I think in general it’s a tough topic to broach. At some point in our lives we’ll all have to deal with disabilities in some form, though. As people age, we have to watch as our grandparents and parents get older and often have to be cared for either by family members or a facility. Accidents happen. I’ve seen accidents happen to people I know that changed their lives significantly from that point on both physically and/or mentally. People can be born with challenges, and that can be a lifelong change for their parents and families, making sure they’re cared for properly. And where is the rhyme or reason? It seems so random. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a child born with a disability that will require a lifetime of care, and I know many people who have been dealing with this situation for years. I’m always amazed by the people I know whose lives have been impacted this way. The love, acceptance, surrender and patience required is unparalleled. And it’s required every day, too. I don’t know what’s going through their heads, but if they ever wonder “why is this happening to me?”, they never show it. Just unconditional love. And maybe that’s the hidden gift. Everyone strives to be happier, more patient and loving, but the world slows down when you become a caregiver. I’m sure, like anything, some days are better than others, but I’ve seen some special moments there, I had them with my own mother near the end of her life, that you just couldn’t get any other way. I’ve seen people who have either been born with a disability or been injured later in life maintain fantastic attitudes and overcome some terrible and unexpected events as well. I think it’s hard maintaining a good attitude without having a challenge thrown in. So, this holiday season, I send all my love to everyone, but especially those of you who are in the situations I describe above, for you are my teachers, and I thank you for that. We all benefit when there is love, acceptance and gratitude expressed in the world. And it’s a reminder to be kind, always. We all have our challenges, may you get through yours with a loving and grateful heart.