Looking Out My Back Window #284

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Up early today, and pretty much always. Getting up this early today reminded me of the Christmases we had when I was a kid growing up on Doemel Street in Oshkosh. I can still see the old house in my mind. Our dog Duffy. The fake silver tree we put up every year that revolved… Duffy would sit under it and get his back scratched (until Santa put the presents out). We also had a fancy multi color light that we’d shine on the tree to make it red, green, etc… very high tech stuff in the early 60s I’m sure. I still love that city. So many great memories. My whole life ahead of me. The music – oh, man – the music. I would play music on my “stereo in a box” record player, read the album covers, take two pencils and drum along on the cover while the albums played. Still my favorite music. The Beatles, The Monkees and The Royal Guardsmen. The only albums I remember owning back then. You had to actually go buy a record to be able to play the music in those days. Different times. This year, as always, we have Christmas at our house. The kids come over, and the grandkids. It’s an all day thing. Presents, and food, and always a great day of conversation and fun. And memories. 1962 was 60 years ago now. 60 years from now, the grandkids will look back fondly at the day we’re about to create and think about how awesome life was then, and how much simpler everything seemed to be. What an incredible gift we’ve been given here – life on earth. Spirits trapped in bodies. Free will to create whatever experiences we want to create. Every moment is special. As Dan Millman said, “There are no ordinary moments”. We are but infinitesimal specks on earth, earth is part of the Milky Way galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy is only one of billions of galaxies that exist within the universe… and we get so caught up in things that make us anxious, or upset, or unhappy. Today let’s choose to be happy, and create amazing memories for each other. And when we wake up tomorrow, let’s do it again. And the day after that. Amazing memories begin with amazing moments and amazing moments are amazing because we make them so. Let’s all resolve to make more of them going forward. There is wonder and awe in every moment if we seek it. There is love. What an amazing gift. Wishing you all the best today and always. Anticipate greatness. Tune in to the love within. Be grateful. Make every moment count, today and always ❤️