Looking Out My Back Window #294

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Well, I’m home. Spent a week in Mexico, started the day in Mexico yesterday, ended the day in Wisconsin. Crazy. Everything still amazes me. But it feels really good to be home. And on the way home I started thinking about how many places and situations I have in my life that really feel like “home” to me. I have a lot of them, actually. There’s HOME home, which is what most people think of when they think of home – wherever the house you currently live in is located, and all that goes with it – your stuff, your spouse, the pets, your car… Home should always be a comforting place. For me, I love it here. Our house is awesome, we love Waupun, and the area we live in is amazing. I feel secure here. And loved and appreciated. But I grew up in Oshkosh, WI. Even though I haven’t lived there for years, I love going to that city to this day. Cities are always changing, and it’s nothing like it was when I moved away anymore – but it still feels like home. Leon’s is still there. The schools I went to, the parks I spent time in, the zoo… I love Oshkosh. Feels like home. Last week I was in Mexico with the band I left on New Year’s Eve 2005 – Road Trip Band. That was 18 years ago now. But when I get to spend time with them, that band still feels like home to me. And the fans are incredible. By the end of the week we knew each other and we had a little camaraderie going… it was awesome getting to catch up with them last week. Found myself discussing love a lot last week – it’s one of the reasons I think Road Trip’s lead singer Amy is so amazing – she glows when she performs. You can feel it. It’s what we all strive for as musicians – to take our emotions and share them in a way that you can feel them as a listener. When you have overwhelming unconditional love for what you do – a passion – that can be felt by others. In everything you do. No matter what you do. My office feels like home to me – I love it there. I have great clients. We try to do everything we can to always do our best to help any way we can. My assistant and I love what we do and the people we work with. Hopefully it shows. My current band The Fusion Project feels like home to me. Our favorite restaurants feel like home to me. The yoga studio I go to feels like home to me. Even when I go to the gym and workout with my trainer – after a three year hiatus due to COVID, and a new gym – that immediately felt like home to me. And there’s a theme that runs through anything that feels like home… it’s love. We feel safe and secure and loved in the places we call home. We feel appreciated. We all have many places that feel like home. They change over time, too – we move, other people move, we change jobs, restaurants come and go, the places we used to love to go do are sometimes no longer there… but think of all the people and places that make you feel at home today. That is your tribe. Those are your people. And sometimes when you really start thinking about it, you’ll find a couple people or places you’ve lost touch with – I thought of two while I was writing this… Why not reach out?… see what’s going on there?… Reconnecting is usually great fun. So glad I got the chance to reconnect with the Road Trip family last week. When you have friends and family that feel like home, no matter how long it is between seeing each other, the second you do you’re right back home again. Home really is where the heart is. Life really is about sharing and receiving love. Who’s heart can you touch today? ❤️

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