Looking Out My Back Window #295

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We’re all just doing the best we can, right? I mean – what is this thing we call life? Why do we spend so much of it angry, hurt, fearful, anxious and tense?… Because in many ways, we are our own worst enemies. We allow ourselves to start thinking things like “this is the way everyone should act”… “this is what it takes to be a success”… “what I believe is correct on this issue”… and even though I think we all want loving, close relationships, we encounter people and situations in life that will push the buttons we’d rather not push – the anger/hatred button. The frustration button. The fear button. The anxiety/despair button… etc, etc, etc… you can’t get through life without these buttons being pushed at some time. Now, in most of us, when something hits one of our pressure buttons – we instinctively react in a negative way. I am the first to admit that if you hit my anger button, you will probably see anger in me very quickly. It’s an issue I’m aware of. It’s not one I’m proud of at all… and in many ways, I think life is about finding that space behind all the bullshit – because pressure buttons, all of them – are bullshit. Are we here to worry about our futures and be pissed off all the time? Really? Is that what you want on your gravestone? – “Here lies Muggsy – he hated everything and everyone, and was angry, frustrated and worried his entire life”?… I think not, but stop for a second and think about this. How often are your thoughts full of worry? Of fear? Of anger?… be honest. Frustration? Anxiety?… way too often is my answer. Way too often. Inside each and every one of us, we have a calm center we can get in touch with, though. Now, I call that God, or God consciousness. You can call it whatever you want to call it. But we all have it, whether you believe in God or not – it’s there. And it’s available 24/7 for free, too. We can, through prayer, introspection, and meditation, create a stronger bond with that calm center. If we did spend time on this, would it help or hurt us in the long run?… it can only help, right? So, how much time are you spending with God these days? How often do you seek the calm center within for guidance? Do you have a relationship at all?… why not? Because our minds are very good at taking over. And when our minds take over, we are ruled by bullshit and lies. We are letting ourselves be driven by fear. And anger, and all the negative emotions… and that calm center is totally forgotten. The problem is we can’t shut our minds off, and we have to seek the calm center. But once we start building a relationship with it… wow. Behind the mind – behind the noise – this is where we truly reside. In the calm. Watching our lives unfold. And the more you forge a relationship there, the easier life becomes – because you start to realize you do not have to reflect anger and hatred back to those situations that are rife with vitriol. You can be calm, and reflect love, always. And we can make choices, too, based on what we want our present moments to be. We can move on from situations that no longer serve us. We can train ourselves to use our intuition, always. We can eventually make it so that every button that gets pushed only goes directly to our hearts, and we can respond from there. But it takes effort. A lot of effort. And no matter how much effort we put into it, we will never perfect it. Which is frustrating. Which is one of the buttons… when you can see not being perfect without frustration it’s a sign of progress. We’re all just doing the best we can, right?…