Looking Out My Back Window #300

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I usually write these posts sitting in a half sauna, which is basically a box I sit in to write and read every day. Today I decided to step outside the box and take the photo from beyond the window. It’s a whole different view out there, unimpended by the constraints of the window and the box. And, really – we all create boxes in our lives where we feel comfortable. We have opinions and beliefs and we gravitate towards people and places that share those beliefs. We have our own ideas about what is right and wrong, on personal, political and religious values. And inevitably, we’ll run across people and situations that will challenge those beliefs. Historically, a case can be made that humans have been the worst species to ever inhabit this planet. Look at what we’ve done to each other over the years – killing, torturing, enslaving, and hating. Why? It almost always – maybe always – comes down to a belief that what we think is right – politically, religiously, or personally – so right that we have the duty to make everyone else see it the same way, or that we are superior to other races, nations, religions, people – and therefore justified in enslaving, torturing and killing them. What other species has ever done this?… and yet, we see it every day. Our brains contain the box that is unique to us as individuals, and we take them with us wherever we go. When we meet like-minded people we feel good about our viewpoints, and the more people who feel like we do, the more powerful we feel. And when we encounter someone who doesn’t see things the way we do, our defense mechanisms get stirred – and depending on what belief is being challenged, anger and rage can well up quickly inside us. I personally think I might be the king of this, but I’ve been getting better at letting things go as I get older. My box of beliefs doesn’t have to be your box of beliefs. I can try to understand how you came to your conclusions, explain my position if called for, and we can agree to disagree. Or not. We can walk away thinking less of each other after a heated argument, too. Has anything changed? Other than now we have resentment towards each other? For what? Not thinking the way we do? Seriously? Happens all the time. Happens to me all the time. But now, if I ever have a situation like that I try to look back on it, maybe journal about – because… why? Why did I get so angry? What was it that was said that hit that center within me? There might be a deep seated issue I need to look at within myself. And to do that – sometimes you have to step outside the box… We won’t see peace in the world until we see peace within 🙂