Looking Out My Back Window #305

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This week I’ve really been feeling behind on everything. Like, everything in my life. Seems like there’s so much to do, and and so little time to do it. In almost every area I could focus all my efforts every day on that one thing and never get it all done. Because life isn’t a constant, and once you move forward towards a goal, the goal itself starts moving. Everything is always in motion. At work I like to try to keep abreast of all the different investment options available. There are thousands of them, though – no matter how much time I spent on just that one aspect of my job I could never get to it all. And that’s just one aspect. With music – so many things to work on, starting with my own playing. I’m working on several different areas of playing bass, and I could quit everything and just work on that all day every day – never get to the finish line. And that’s just one part of playing. There’s also all the gear out there now, how to get a good sound from your instrument, how to utilize all the options we have for recording these days… and it’s all changing. Quickly, too. By the time you’ve figured something out there’s a pile of new things to learn. I also write these posts every week. And publish them as books annually as well. The 5th edition has been ready since July of last year, and I still haven’t sent it to my editor yet. Can’t find the time… ah… “can’t find the time”… on that particular issue, I most certainly could find the time. In one day I could have it ready for the editor and probably have it published in a week or two. But for whatever reason it never gets far enough up my “to-do” list to actually do it. And the 6th edition will be ready in a couple months… I think I’m maybe just naturally drawn to being a person that spreads myself thin because of everything I’m involved with. And I love it all, too – my job, music, writing… there is a side to me that not a lot of people see, though – as I do like to just kick back and do nothing as much as anyone. I could easily spend a day on the couch watching sports or binging on a show. I’m not one of those people who needs to always be doing something – at all. I love doing nothing, actually. When we go on vacations, we very seldom go with any plan because – we like hanging out on a beach, by a pool, in the sun… doing nothing. Reading maybe. But – no agenda. And because I tend to work so much during the week, and almost every Saturday as well, there is limited time for anything else. I never seem to be caught up. In any area. Ever. And I’m ok with that. The days blow by. I can’t even remember the last time I was ever “bored”. And I feel like in all areas, every day, I get a little better. A little stronger. And that’s really all we can hope for. We only have the present moment, and who we are is the sum of the past moments, who we will be will be the sum of our current moments. Like now. So, as much as I’d like to be somewhere else on my future timeline – whatever that “somewhere else” is – making more money, having more knowledge, better physical health… I can only use this exact moment to get there. And when I do, the timeline will change as well. We never fully arrive. All we have is now. I might never “catch up”. Not sure that’s even possible… But every day I move forward in the direction of my dreams… and the moments I have are amazing. I love it all. Even the tough ones… how can we truly value what we have without knowing all of it can be lost at any time?… I’m gonna get a lot done today. And every day. And, yes – binging on a tv show on my couch is “getting a lot done” to me. Life ebbs and flows, on purpose. If you let it 😎