Looking Out My Back Window #307

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What does this moment feel like to you? Can you remember what a typical moment felt like when you were a kid? A teenager? Even 5 or 10 years ago?… probably different than today. As we age, we have a different set of thoughts, worries, and anxieties – not to mention what happens to us physically as well. I was reading yesterday that Bruce Willis has dementia now… Wow. President Reagan got Alzheimer’s at the end of his life, too. Many people do. What are their moments like? How can our identity be so altered by our physicality? Are we still in there somewhere witnessing it all? I’ve talked many times in the past about the duality of being alive – the ego – the thoughts we can’t turn off, that narrates our lives – and the soul – the essence of who we are that sits behind the thoughts watching. I watched my own mother fade away towards the end of her life, but you could see even at her worst she was still in there somewhere. What’s that like? I don’t ever want to find out. We all know people who have, or have suffered from dementia. Nobody ever thinks it’ll happen to them. Reality shows us that it happens to many people, though. We tend to live our lives in the ego state. In our minds. Things we get angry and worried about – so many of them aren’t worth the upset in the long run. What happens to time when we forget to be grateful for every moment? Do you spend time with your soul? The way life is set up, we need to actually set time aside to do that in most cases. There are, of course, those moments when everything is so amazing – a sunset, moments with kids or a loved one, an embrace at just the right time, etc – when our souls can be stirred out of the blue, but in general, we need to seek ourselves through prayer and meditation to really see the bigger picture in life. There’s a calm that comes from a strong relationship with your soul. It’s worth spending time there every day if you can. Time is not an unlimited resource. Don’t let your mind waste time worrying about what might have been, or worst case scenarios for the future… you can lose your moments there. Hills and valleys are a part of every life. Be kind to yourself. Take care of your body. Get to know your soul. You are the only you there is, nobody else can do this for you. We are all unique. And realize the value of every moment. Because they can all be taken away at any time, no matter who you are. Wishing you health and prosperity, as always.

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