Looking Out My Back Window #308

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Looks like there’s some shenanigans going on out there today. And why not? I’m as big a fan of shenanigans as anyone I guess. And – you have to keep people guessing, right? As big of a fan of routine as I am (and, oh baby – I am a fan), I’m also not afraid to try something new. That leads me to having a crazy variety of interests and knowledge, I guess. Even in music – I love punk rock, and I love 60s and 70s bubblegum as well. Two of my favorite genres of music right there. Rancid and The Archie’s. If Rancid ever did an Archie’s cover tune my head might explode. The two ways I made a living in my life that I’ve done for the longest time? Musician and financial advisor. Good music is whatever moves your soul, be open to all of it. And a good job does the same. I’m so lucky, I mean I am really super grateful about this too, that the two jobs I held the longest are jobs I absolutely love doing. We tend to create identities around our jobs, right? “What do you do for a living?” is often one of the first questions we ask when we meet someone new. Depending on what they say, the answer will come with some preconceived notions about that person. Musician?… we might think poor, maybe homeless (the classic joke is: Q: what do you call a musician who loses his girlfriend? A: homeless), possibly on mood altering substances, irresponsible, free wheeling, hippie, etc… Surgeon?… no sense of humor, rich, snobby, condescending… but what if we meet a musician/surgeon?… whoa. Now, uh… worlds start colliding. And all of it is just in our heads, too. Ever know people who act totally differently depending on the situation? I think we all do that sometimes – you might be a bit more polite in a formal setting than you usually are, for example. So in our heads we have preconceived notions about almost everything that we’ve built up over a lifetime and those notions are totally unique to each person. None of us is exactly alike in that manner. What if we didn’t? Wouldn’t that open us up to a lot more experiences in life? For me personally – I have no interest in camping. Like, really – none at all. I’ve done it, I just don’t like it. Or do I? How would I ever know since I long ago decided I didn’t like it? Maybe now, 20+ years after the last time I did it, I’d really like it. Maybe not. But why am I living with a preconceived notion I determined that long ago? We all do that. About basically everything. Maybe just once in a while, take that leap and say yes to something you normally wouldn’t consider. Make a complete 180 in careers if you see it for yourself, even if it makes sense to nobody else. Be open to everything life has to offer. Don’t live your todays based on decisions you made years ago. Everything is in motion. We all change over time. And along the way… live with joy in your heart. Live with love in your heart. And when you can get away with some shenanigans – well, why not make someone else’s day as well? Keep everyone guessing. Even yourself.

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