Looking Out My Back Window #343

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Originally posted on Facebook HERE

In July it will be seven years since I started doing these “Looking Out My Back Window” posts. I often have no idea what I’ll be writing about until I start writing, too. I just take the photo and start writing. Now it’s a part of my Sunday routine. I love it. It not only helps me work through what life is, what’s really important, areas I need to improve on… but I have this awesome platform to share with, and get feedback from other people. Basically anyone in the world can see these posts. The first four years are published in book form and I’ll be working on years five and six this week to get them published as well. They don’t sell very well at all, and I don’t care, I guess. I love that they’re out there at all. I really enjoy reading through them in book form – I didn’t spend a lot of time on each post, I just sat down and wrote, you know? So it’s like reading someone else’s book. And I like “blog” books in general. Each chapter is its own little entity. Lots of areas to pause, walk away, come back to it – no problem. But long after I’m gone, the books I wrote, and the music I recorded (new The Fusion Project album in the works right now), will live on. I’d say not many people buy, download or play The Fusion Project, either (at least so far). Instrumental music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I love the first album, and even if nobody ever buys or listens to the new one – I think it’s incredible. Being creative for its own sake – not for fame, or fortune… is something I hope everyone has an outlet for. My wife is a really good artist, I have several of her pieces hanging in my office. I think they’re great. External validation not needed. She creates all kinds of stuff just because it’s fun for her. Making music is fun for me. Writing is fun for me. Even public speaking can be fun for me – certainly performing music is, and these days speeches and performances are easily videotaped and posted to last forever as well… it’s incredible. I think we as humans need creative outlets. Sometimes we get a bit caught up in “is it any good?”… and that might stop us from sharing at all. Once anything creative is shared it opens us up to criticism. But all that ever matters is this – “did you have fun?”… do you like it?… don’t let the fear of failure stop you from doing something creative today. And whatever it is, send it to me. Art, music, writing… doesn’t matter. You’re reading this, you’re my friend, and I’m gonna check it out – as most of your friends and family will if and when you’re ready to share something. But the only opinion that really matters is your own. Have fun being creative whenever you can.