Looking Out My Back Window #345

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Sometimes, life can be just rolling along, kicking ass, totally in the groove and loving every minute, and – you get hit by a curveball you didn’t see coming. Or maybe you did see it coming, but when it finally hit you the ferocity of it took you by surprise… and you start thinking, “why is this happening to me?”… ah – there’s a question we are bound to repeat to ourselves many times in life. “Why did I get fired?”… Why did they have to die?“… Why did he/she leave me?”… or, more common: “Why is this happening to me today?”… there’s never a good time to have a bad time with something. Technology is great – until it stops working. Losing data isn’t fun. Dropping your phone into a pool of water isn’t fun (especially if you’re in another country, but that’s a story for another day). Flat tires aren’t fun. Speeding tickets, sliding off the road, car accidents… not fun. And some days they just seem to compound, too – and you wonder if maybe “going back to bed and starting over” might be the best option, right? Whenever we’re going through a time in life, whether it’s just a bad day, or a bad period, I think we often just let our emotions run wild. Bad day = pissed off. Angry and frustrated, we often take it out on other people who had nothing to do with it at all. Bad period of time = emotional funks. Our lives can feel like they’re in “limbo” when someone close to us passes away, or is severely injured, or we’re in the middle of a breakup or divorce… I started thinking about this today, and I remembered reading a passage about it in a book I read years ago – so, I went and dug it out. I really like it, so let me share it here: “The day you realize that being upset is a choice and you don’t have to accept your default setting is the day you start moving in the direction of a much happier and fulfilling life. The worst days of your life are the best days of your life. They help you grow. If you don’t learn the lesson, the same issues will continue to show up until you do. Catch yourself… Calm yourself… Grow.” This is something I’ve gotten a lot better at as I age – surrendering to the moments I’ve been given without judgement. I’m always trying to see what the lesson is. The worst times in my life have always led to the best times in my life. You will see what you believe. Believe everything happens for a reason that serves us, that’s what you’ll see. Believe life sucks and then we die, then it will. Behind our thoughts is our essence, our soul, the command center that can make the best of a horrible situation, if we let it. Our souls will lead us with love. Our egos, our thoughts, when left to fend for themselves often do just the opposite, as they often lead with fear and look for the worst even when things are going great. We do have a choice. By the way, the quote above was written on 4/18/18 and is part of my book Feed Your Angel. Sometimes, it’s nice to go back and take your own advice if you need to… we had a crazy week last week. All kinds of bizarre stuff going on. I’m just along for the ride. Can’t wait to see where it leads to this time.

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