Looking Out My Back Window #352

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Still thinking about happiness today. Really starting to think that in many ways happiness has to do with getting in touch with the love in your heart and sharing it freely with others. What is love unshared, right?… unhappiness. It’s one of the reasons we as humans seek to have a partner – so we can share the journey. I think it’s also one of the reasons we see people in long term relationships pass away not long after losing a spouse… so much love with nowhere to go. What if we all realized this at the same time? What if everyone just started focusing on being loving, generous and grateful people? Would the world be better off? So much anger and hatred. What we’re doing to each other on this planet is really disturbing. Politics, war, bullying, shaming, judging… ugh. The older I get the less patience I have for that. So I try to focus on the positives. And no matter what you do, or where your heart is – there will be haters. If you don’t believe me – start a YouTube page and post a video or two. Haters will come out of the woodwork. What’s the point of being a hater? Haters aren’t happy people at all, they’re insecure and out of touch so they try to get others to feel bad to lessen that pain they feel inside. I say love the haters. What’s the one reaction they don’t want? Love, right? They’re trying to get a rise out of you. Don’t let them win. So – in regards to haters – how are you viewing yourself these days? What’s your internal voice telling you? How about “wow, I really look like crap” – “I’m so old” – “I could never do that” – “I’m such a moron” – “how could anyone love me?”… have any thoughts like that lately?… ah – so, you’re a hater. A hater of yourself. It’s just so subtle we do it all the time, but it kills our happiness. How would it feel if you said this to yourself – “I’m totally awesome. Nobody lives life like I do. I excel at everything I do. I exude loving and caring vibes to everyone I meet. I live my best life every moment of every day”… when you read that, are you agreeing internally with those thoughts? Or no? Stop the hate. Start with yourself. Get in touch with all the love in your heart – it’s more than any of us could ever really know or fully experience – then meet others from that space. When we really internalize the love inside of us, hatred can’t find a way in anymore. And our own happiness will blossom in proportion to the amount of people whose lives we can affect positively by sharing the love that’s already inside us, waiting to be experienced and shared. Be the solution. We will never be perfect with this. We will always have challenges. But we can live happier, more productive lives by being conscious of where we’re at within our thoughts about who and what we are, and making a concerted effort to be the best humans we can be, even in the face of the worst challenges we have. I wish you luck on your journey, and am eternally grateful to everyone who reads and responds to these posts on a weekly basis. Love truly is the answer.

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  1. Dave, love is the answer but it goes way beyond me and what I can do. I love more deeply in freedom of letting God love me and in turn, loving him more. Peace out, Mary C.

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