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I wrote about love last week… trying to focus more on making love a priority. I wonder how much time anyone really gives to this idea, especially when I see how we talk to each other on social media. Do we really carry that much anger in our hearts? Why? Why is everyone so angry? Why can’t people have an opinion that disagrees with ours and yet still be intelligent, or a decent citizen (not necessarily a commie or a nazi), or yet another person on this earth doing the best they can with the knowledge they have in the best way they see fit?… it seems like more and more often, I know – I’ve talked about this before – I am hiding posts and snoozing or unfollowing people. I see some really angry things, and while there are those who post awesome, amazing stories as well… it seems like they’ve gotten fewer and farther between lately. And so much of what I see has no basis in reality. Does anyone even care if what’s being shared is true at all or not? We should care. We should care about truth. What I’m talking about here is obvious, blatantly made up memes designed just to inflame. There’s a certain percentage of people on both sides of almost any issue who will just believe something, especially if they’ve heard it or seen it repeated a few times, as truth. Then, when they start to discuss the situation they’re both tearing into each other certain that their version of truth is the real truth. Is this where we’re at? Were we always this way? It seems like the internet makes it easier to be mean. At times I think I should just delete it all and walk away. Instead, I’ve chosen to do this: stay on social media. Try to be one of the people who posts things that make other people happy whenever possible. That makes someone smile. That makes them think every now and then about things we could all do to improve our lives together. Don’t spread anger or hatred. Don’t share lies. Life’s too short to spend it arguing about who’s truth is reality. You know your truth. I know mine. They do not have to match. And we can be civil to each other in spite of those differences. LOVE is underrated and under appreciated these days. And we need it now more than ever. Try sending love the next time you see someone post something that stirs you up. Not easy. Not easy at all. But at some point the cycle of hatred needs to be broken, or it will take us all down. The choice is ours. I’m doing my best to choose love. I really hope you join me.


  1. Yes! “Life’s too short to spend it arguing about who’s truth is reality. You know your truth. I know mine. They do not have to match.” Well said, Dave!

    • “Happiness is the absence of striving for Happiness” -Chaung Tzu

      It’s impossible to be angry and bitter when you feel HAPPY. However, anger, and this is from a book I read called EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE by Daniel Goleman is OK when directed at the person who has EARNED your wrath. In my case, one John Frings is too many, and he’s lucky I don’t tear his fucking 2 faced tongue out and use it as a “pen wipe” David I can assure you he’s dragged your name through is warped mud.

      My point here is, tthe true sign of maturity is to have an opposing viewpoint, yet still maintain RESPECT for the others point of view. Lao Tzu(Paraphrased) said it best, “Let reality be, don’t even try to change it, to try to change it only sets up DILLY DILLY to the Misery.

      I avoid miserable people, however, I send them good karma in hopes that someday, their misery changes to Happiness :))


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