Looking Out My Back Window #79

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Running late today.  Sometimes it feels like everything in my life is running late, like the amount of things I’m trying to get done is so overwhelming I’m behind on all of it. Pretty sure it didn’t used to be that way. Everything moves so fast. The year seemed to just blow by. We walked our dog Gizmo this morning, and at one point he was looking at a neighbor’s yard because he knows they have cats. He was pretty focused on seeing if one of them was in the yard today – so focused he missed a squirrel on the trail in front of him. Now, he’s always interested in cats – but squirrels? He goes bonkers if he sees a squirrel. And there was a nice squirrel, not hidden, right there on the trail for him – and he missed it because he was looking for cats that weren’t there. The analogy hit me right then and there – don’t get so focused on doing things one way that you miss what might be the opportunity of a lifetime. We’re all free agents, free to negotiate our lives as we see fit. Just because everyone else does it this way, or other people might think it’s crazy – having tunnel vision can keep us stuck in relationships, jobs, homes, geographic areas, and lifestyles that have long ago outlived their usefulness in our lives. I try my best not to poo-poo any off the wall suggestion, thought or idea I have – because sometimes – sometimes… within them is where the magic lies. To really do what you want when you want it – you need to know what you want. And be open to everything around you. Otherwise, you could miss the squirrels while you’re looking for cats that aren’t there.

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