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Had to get a little of the Packer shrine in the lower left of the photo today in advance of the upcoming game against the Vikings. So – we got that going for us. Anyway, I was up pretty early today, and I try to take about an hour every day and set it aside for meditation, journaling and reading. When I’m at home I find that order works best. When I spend time in a Florida writing I prefer reading, journaling, meditating. But at home if I leave meditating for last I often overlook it entirely. So, I’ve been starting with it lately and it helps me be more consistent. My fast mind has been very strong for the last few months, I’m not sleeping well, there’s a lot going on, I can feel it creating anxiety within me. Getting caught up in the talk that never shuts off is so easy to do. Friday was the day where I really realized I need to let some things go, get in touch with my slow mind and get my focus back on what’s really important. Meditation is a great way to do this. For me, I also know it means going to acupuncture at least twice a week for a while. Every time I’ve felt myself getting caught up in mental bullshit that affects my work, acupuncture has removed it quickly and efficiently. We’re so lucky to have a great acupuncture office right there in the middle of Beaver Dam, WI (Abundance Acupuncture). They’re fantastic, but I digress. As I started this morning’s meditation, this thought came to me right out of the gate: “God, help me touch the heart of another person today”. I’ve been looking for a better mantra than the one I mentioned last week, and at first I thought this might just be what I’m looking for for now. Something to repeat to myself throughout the day to help keep my focus right. But as I went further, I saw that really – almost everything I do, or have done in the past, revolves around this. Playing music, writing, and even my job as a financial advisor – they all only work if you can emotionally reach the heart of another person. I’ve played with so many musicians who have overwhelmed me with their talent – where they touched me deeply in a way nothing but music could reach. What a gift. Man, I’ve been lucky to play with some great musicians and songwriters. And, I love to read. There are authors I’ll never meet who have affected my life deeply with their words. What a gift. And while many people might think my day job is all about numbers – it’s not. I do love numbers, but it’s about relationships, not numbers. It’s about trust. It only works when you have an emotional connection with your clients. Everyone has good and bad days I guess – and Friday afternoon wasn’t great for me. I could feel I was tired, pressing, caught up in fast mind anxiety, worry and frustration. I need to let go and let God back in. Get in touch with the slow mind. Because, looking back on Friday I touched the heart of at least one person that day, and probably more than that. In a good way. If everything else goes wrong, but we were able to brighten the life of another person – didn’t we accomplish our goal? In the face of nothing going right, we still got that done? What a gift. Look for ways to touch the heart of another person today. Heck, every day. Then do it. Don’t let thoughts like “that’s a beautiful dress”, or “looks like he lost weight, he looks great”, etc. sit in the back of your mind unsaid. We are quick to respond in anger when something isn’t going our way, let’s try to be quick to respond in love as well. Maybe even instead of – let’s replace responding in anger with responding in love as a way of life. Touch the heart of another person today. Goal achieved. A great day. What a gift.

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