Looking Out My Back Window #135

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Up before the sun yet again. This has been the case for many weeks now. Odd sleep schedule I’ve fallen into with everything going on here. I think mainly the remodel is what’s affecting things, nothing is where it usually is, everything is disjointed, and on top of that there’s a lot to handle in the outside world as well with work, learning songs for two bands, keeping up with weekly writing and video posts, vocal lessons, two vacations coming up in March, tax season, a small medical procedure this week, and trying to keep our dog from having a nervous breakdown with all the commotion around here. Everything is everywhere, nothing makes sense, structure and routine are out the window, and it feels like everything is in flux. Pandemonium. And pandemonium can lead to pressure. Seems like society is set up for pandemonium these days. Everything happens faster than ever before. People can contact you through a phone call, text, social media message, email, or all of the above – which can be great, but also can be hard to keep track of. Maybe this is why so many people are talking about simplicity and minimalism these days. Maybe the answer is in having some balance, because I know there’s a part of me that loves the pandemonium. But it’s easy to get caught up in it and I’m not sure it’s a great thing to just go full bore all the time without stepping back and looking at the whole picture periodically. Daily reflection is important to me, but so are times where I just get away from it all. Vacations are a necessary part of a busy life. Recharging and reflecting, making sure within the day to day pandemonium you’re ship is heading in the right direction. And coming back refreshed and energized. Everything seems to have binge and purge cycles, or maybe “tides”, if you will. At least that seems to be my pattern – go crazy, hit it hard, wonder how the heck I can keep this pace up – then step back, relax, recharge and get ready to hit it again. We’re in the middle of the pandemonium now, but soon the remodel will be over, and we’ll head to Mexico and reflect on the beach there about what a crazy ride we’re having and how fantastic and precious every moment is and always has been. Then we’ll come back and head onto the next thing, whatever that will be. Ride that ride, and enjoy it all – but make sure it’s taking you to the right destination. Step back and adjust as necessary.

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