Looking Out My Back Window #187

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Lotta snow. Looks nice with the sun and everything, but don’t let that fool you, it was -16 degrees when I woke up today, -35 with the wind chill. Such is February in WI. And these bitter cold days always make me start wondering why we stay in WI, and at the very least – why are we here in the winter? I am certainly no fan of the bitter cold. I love sunshine and beaches. At this point in our lives, we could do winter elsewhere. There’s always a give and take, though, right? How would we do that? A second home in Florida? Which means extra cost, upkeep, yet another material possession to add to the already crazy extensive list of things we already own and have to maintain (sigh)… we could move. Nothing says you have to stay in WI forever. But – family is mostly here. And we love our house in WI. So that’s not really an option. Could probably rent a place from Nov-March. Might be kinda wildly expensive to do that. So, here we sit. We usually do a vacation right before winter and another one near the end, and then just grin and bear the winters as they come. On the other side of the page, we do get a change in seasons here and all the wonder that comes with that. Winter nights by a fire inside during a snowstorm – there’s something really cozy and warm about that. When spring finally arrives, wow. It’s a great feeling. Summers are just fantastic in Wisconsin. So much to do. We’re surrounded in beauty. And fall, when it arrives, brings its own special beauty and all the emotions that surround the ending of summer and prepping for winter to come. And, of course – colorama!… everything in life is a choice, really. Where we live, what we do, who our friends are, what we believe… our choice. The grass often looks greener on the other side of the fence – and maybe sometimes it really is, as well. A new location, a new vocation, new friends, a new look, a new attitude… can make all the difference in the world. I’ve done all of the above in my lifetime. But every decision is littered with uncertainty and consequences as well. And just as often, once a plan is really thought through – the grass on the other side doesn’t look so green anymore. To me, the most important thing is to be open to everything. And pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as well. Why live in an area, work a job, or hang out with people that bring your quality of life down? There is always a choice. Making better decisions, being open to change (most people have issues here), then having the courage to move forward when you feel you’re being guided to… can change everything. May you make good decisions today and forever going forward 🙂

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