Looking Out My Back Window #186

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Last week for the tree as Groundhog Day will be here soon and as we all know, that is the official “tree removal” deadline date. Unless the Packers are in the Super Bowl, of course – then it needs to stay up until after the game, because, well – messing with it could mess with the entire space/time continuum and ultimately lose the game for them. No need to worry about that this year, though. So – what’s going on these days? I’ve been thinking a lot about all the stuff I do on a daily basis that is self generated routine, set up and carried out by nobody but me. Self imposed for health and well being I guess. Every day I write, read, meditate, do yoga and run at least 2 miles. Today will be 275 days in a row without a miss for most of them. You get a streak going for that long, you just don’t want to break it. At the same time, what was setup to be something to bring health and well being can detract from it when it starts to be looked at internally as a responsibility. Something you “have” to do. This is why we all need vacations – to clear our heads, just relax and let things come as they may without any responsibilities. And at times, we need to step back even from the things that ultimately benefit us. Sometimes weight lifters will take a “recovery” day. Well, I know my streaks are about to end soon. We’ll be driving to Florida for a vacation and there’s no way I can keep them going during the trip. I guess there’s always a way, but I’ve made the decision not to try to keep them going during the trip at all. I need to clear my days and just let the beach life come to me during that time. We are way overdue for a vacation because of the coronavirus – haven’t taken a trip together since 2019 now. Which did allow me to get that streak up to almost 300 days once I got going with everything, but… really looking forward to breaking it soon. I need some “recovery” days. At this point, maybe we all do. Stress can come at us many ways. Taking a vacation at this time feels weird even, you know? We don’t usually drive – we fly. We’ll be taking all necessary precautions, though. And this trip is long overdue. You can sense when you need to step back if you’re paying attention, right? Little things cause you to snap a bit more than usual, or you have a never ending feeling of anxiousness. We’re trying a new style of vacation to get away this year. For us it’s time. Consider taking some time off yourself if it’s been too long for you as well. Maybe even time off from things that became responsibilities without your even realizing it?…

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