Looking Out My Back Window #189

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I missed writing my “looking out my back window” post last week as we were driving to Florida that day. One of only a few times that has ever happened in the past four years. You have to roll with whatever life hands you, though – right? We didn’t do any vacations in 2020 mostly due to the virus. This year we decided to drive rather than fly to our destination and take our dog with us rather than leave him home with a dog sitter, which is what we usually do. We rented a place we just found online. You never really know until you get there what that’ll be like, either – no matter how cautious you are, or how many reviews you’ve read. We also had to rent a vehicle since my car was damaged sliding into a ditch the week before we left and the part needed to repair could only be shipped from Texas the week Texas got shut down because of the weather… but that worked out for the best anyway. Still – any time you try something new – driving rather than flying, bringing the dog with us, 10 days booked in a place we just found online, going to a city we’ve never been to before, etc… you feel some anxiety about it as you head into the unknown. Took a while for us to get our bearings once we got here. But by this time next week the whole thing will be in our rear view mirror and became just another life experience we can look back on. Been there, done that. And no matter what the experience was like – good, bad or indifferent, we grow by pushing our boundaries and trying new things. Is there something you’ve been thinking about doing, but that scared, doubtful feeling in your mind has been holding you back? At some point you have to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. We grow as people when we try new things. Sometimes the best experiences in life are right there on the other side of the fear that holds us back. And “fear” isn’t usually a great life strategy to hold onto. Try faith, and love, and belief instead. And move forward confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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