Looking Out My Back Window #215

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I wake up every morning amazed by everything. I don’t take anything for granted, either. To me, it’s all amazing. Life is amazing. All of it. Turning on a faucet and getting water – incredible. Hot or cold. I have no idea how that works, but yet it does. And when the well pump goes out like ours did recently, what an inconvenience!… but really, how long in terms of human history have we had indoor plumbing? A minuscule of time. Toilets? Yay for toilets! Indoor plumbing is awesome. One of the first things I do when I get up is hit the button on the coffee maker – already prepared from the night before. And in a couple minutes we have coffee. Electricity, wow. Coffee makers. Coffee. All kinds of coffee we can buy. All kinds of coffee makers. And it’s just that easy. We keep a backup coffee maker in case ours gives out. Such small things that are so easy to take for granted, but really – electricity is a very new invention when looking at humankind in it’s entirety. Cars? Planes? Even bicycles. Incredible. The fact that we even have homes is amazing to me. Music and recording – special place in my heart. There was no such thing as recorded music until a very very short time ago really… and now look how easy it is! Phones? Oh my God!!! In my lifetime music went from records – I had 33rpm albums, 45rpm singles and 78rpm records from my father… to cassettes – and being able to record from the radio! Wow! Anyone remember trying to record songs from the radio? You’d miss the beginning and maybe get a DJ talking at the end… 8-tracks… CDs were a big deal when they first came out. And now? Digital. Incredible. Video? Heck, the ability to take photographs at all – television? Movies? Movies totally amaze me, any show really, tv shows included – how much work goes into each episode, how many people are involved. Scripts, casting, actors and actresses, production, how do so many shows get produced at all? Everything is amazing. Everything. I hope you look at the world like this. I live in wonder and amazement every day. And I take nothing for granted. We all lose people and things over time. So put everything you have into everything you do. Someday it will all be over. Listen to your heart. Love freely and deeply. Step back and be amazed by every day life. There is wonder and beauty in every moment 🙂

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  1. Love this. There’s days when all I think about is the things around me and how they came to be. There are extraordinary people who have created the world we live in.

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