Looking Out My Back Window #214

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Looks like a great day out there. Can’t believe August is almost over. Today is our annual “supercoolfunday” here. This is the first year it falls on a weekend. I do believe it’s the 9th annual supercoolfunday. What exactly is supercoolfunday? Well, years ago I had this idea to take a day off from work and spend it with my wife and the grandkids. Laurie and I would plan the whole day ahead of time and take them along for the ride. They don’t get to know ahead of time where we’re going or what we’re doing. The idea of my taking an entire day off work to do anything back when we started this tradition was pretty unusual, and the grandkids knew it. The first year was amazing – we had a great time, pooped them out totally so they were all asleep in the back seat for the ride home and we all hit the sack as soon as we got in the house. I think I had to carry the youngest one in from the car that year. And we’ve kept it up every year since. This year we had to schedule a Sunday not because of my schedule – but to not interfere with the grandkids schedules! Criminy! But we have a full day of fun planned. It’s gonna be great. It’s always great – even last year during the early stages of the pandemic we had a fantastic time. We’ve had to adjust on the fly a couple times due to weather, but we’ve kept the tradition alive so far. And it brings us all closer every year. The kids really appreciate it. You only have so much time with kids before they’re not kids anymore. The oldest is fourteen now. And at some point they’ll be too grownup to do supercoolfunday any more and the tradition will die. That’ll be a very sad year. But we’ll have made some fantastic memories in the meantime. And maybe someday when they have grandkids of their own they’ll remember this and start their own supercoolfunday tradition with them. That would be awesome. We all have traditions in our lives – holiday, or religious, or family traditions. Might I suggest that if you’re in a place to do so you start a supercoolfunday tradition of your own? We can always use more days like that in our lives. It’s a great way to strengthen our connection with the people we care about the most.

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