Looking Out My Back Window #227

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In a world full of color, why do we see so many things as black and white? That’s on my mind today as I see so many people taking positions on everything from what music is good, to politics, religion, news of the day, and basically anything that comes up – there will be people digging into a position on one side or another. Nothing really wrong with that I guess. If you feel strongly about something, you feel strongly about something. Whatever that is. I’ll use something not super polarizing as an example here – let’s say it’s The Beatles. They have this huge Get Back mini series coming out so they’re in the news right now. I certainly have a strong opinion on The Beatles – I think they’re the greatest band that ever was, or ever will be. Does that mean everyone who disagrees with me is somehow wrong, or ignorant, or stupid? No, it just means that not everyone sees things the same way I do. I’ve seen arguments about The Beatles get pretty heated actually. As a Beatles fan, when someone who doesn’t like them makes disparaging comments about them it definitely stirs a response in me that isn’t from a “Zen” place within my heart and soul. My instinct is to give them every single shred of evidence to prove how wrong, stupid and ignorant they are. Why? What difference does it make? Why do we have these crazy reactions to opinions unlike our own, especially when the opinion we hold is one that comes from deep within us? The example I used is just about a band, but man – what about politics and religion and news of the day? There’s a ton of “this is how I feel, and you’re an idiot for not feeling that way too” going on out there. What good does that do? I’m old enough now to look back on things I thought were absolute truths earlier in my life that I don’t see that way any more. What good did any time spent arguing about those things ever do anybody? Two people on distinctly opposite ends of any issue will never agree, never change an opinion, and only create anger and hatred where there was none to begin with. Then both sides will walk away pissed off and dug even further into their own beliefs. I don’t care to have discussions like that anymore. I gave them up years ago. People try to goad me into them all the time. And I remain steadfast. I will maybe discuss those issues with a tightly knit circle of friends who I know I can disagree with without anyone’s feelings getting hurt, or it turning into a big deal. The fact that social media gives us a platform to be assholes doesn’t mean we have to use it. Seems like we’re way more shitty to each other on social media than I ever remember people being in person. Not everything is black and white. I’d say if anything – life is 100% lived in shades of grey. And to be clear – I’m not saying we shouldn’t stand up for the things we believe in – far from it. I’m saying we don’t need to be so confrontational with each other when we meet people who have an opposing viewpoint.

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