Looking Out My Back Window #226

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Today I stepped outside. I usually write these posts in my living room in a half sauna – basically sitting in a box. It’s where I am now. The photo is almost always taken through the back window of wherever I am any given week. Once in a while I step outside the box, though, and do something different. First snowfall today here in Wisconsin. Actually quite a beautiful day out there. Serene. From where I took this photo, I could turn around and look inside my back window. And it just kind of hit me as an analogy for so much of what we do in life. We create boxes where we feel safe and secure. We live from there. Nothing wrong with that – I’m a big fan of feeling safe and secure. But who is it that feels the need to feel safe and secure? Is it who we really are, or is it our ego? I define the ego as the part of us that narrates our lives. It’s the voice we can’t shut off. Our conscious minds. Who we really are is not that voice at all. That voice can and will take over our lives if we let it, though. Who we are is behind that voice, watching. It’s the second person in the picture when you argue with yourself. It’s your unconscious mind – your soul, the essence of your being. Our conscious mind is great at taking over if we’re not careful, creating safety boxes and doing everything it can to make sure we live our lives from there. Nothing really wrong with that I guess, but what if your heart yearns for something else? What would you do if you had no limitations? What if your own mind is the only thing holding you back? Go outside your head and look back at yourself today. What do you see? What are your thoughts about the person you are today? Are you happy with what you see? I hope so. But if you aren’t, why not? Over thirty three years ago I took a long, hard look at who I was, how I was living my life, where I was at, how I treated people (and myself, really), and I’d didn’t like what I saw at all. My entire life changed from that moment forward. Today, I’m just so grateful for where I’m at. It’s all love. It’s always been love, but it isn’t always easy to see it. Sometimes, you have to take a risk and step outside the box. Because that’s often where the magic is…

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