Looking Out My Back Window #233

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Cold out there today. It’s yet another new year. 2022, wow. Time really does fly. Seems like yesterday was January 1st, 2021. And now it’s over a year later. People start to think about making resolutions this time of year, I’ve certainly done that many times in the past. If you belong to a gym you can usually see it in the numbers – first few weeks of January are probably the busiest time of year for most of them. By mid-February it’s usually back to normal as people fall back to their normal routines. We don’t need a new year to motivate us to change, though. What we need is a good enough reason. Often, the reason to make changes in our lives comes from a negative experience. Seeing a number on the scale that we just can’t live with anymore. Or having a more serious health scare that changes our thoughts about the importance of diet and exercise. Hitting a bottom somehow – with alcohol, a dead end job, or a relationship. Other times it comes from a desire within our soul to try something new, like playing an instrument, singing, painting, writing, making things with your hands, starting a business… but whatever the change is you want to make, nothing will happen until you have a strong enough desire to make it so. Napoleon Hill, in his classic book “Think and Grow Rich” calls it a ‘burning desire’. When you have a burning desire to do something your chances of success go way up. One of the main reasons for this is you’ll most likely actually begin to move in the direction of that desire, and desire without action is nothing. It’s just wishes. I wish I could play guitar. I wish I had my own record shop… wishes. A burning desire will create a different internal dialogue. “I’m gonna lose 20 pounds by Christmas”. “I’m going to buckle down and write that book by the end of the year”… in your head you already see yourself there when you mix desire with activity. And you move in the direction of your dreams. You won’t take no for an answer as easily. And the Universe will start to conspire to work with you to attain your goal. The right people will show up. Just when you’re ready to give up, you’ll get a huge confidence boost somehow. And when you achieve your goal, whatever it is… you’ll look back amazed at how you got there. What is your burning desire? Is it just a wish?… what can you do to begin moving in the direction of your dreams?… today. Right now. There is a desire you’re overlooking. It’s always easier to do nothing than to do something. But when we ignore the fires that burn within our souls and we live our days thinking we’ll have the time to get to that “someday”… “Somedays” never come. “Now” is all we have. Today is someday. Begin to move confidently in the direction of your dreams. Find that burning desire. Because tomorrow will be January 1st, 2023 – and you don’t want to miss another full year of opportunity.

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