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Looking at the reflection of the lamp off the window this morning and thinking about it as an analogy for life. Life is so often a reflection of our thoughts. Each one of us has our own independent way of looking at everything. In the entire history of mankind, no two people have ever seen things in exactly the same way, nor will they ever. Life reflects back to us what we believe. If we believe that things are awful, nothing ever works out, nobody likes us, and there’s no point to any of it… that’s what we’ll see. The older I get, the more I’m truly amazed at how poorly people have treated other people from a historical perspective. It’s amazing to me that we still have wars. That there’s so much anger and hatred. That people can be so cruel to each other, as well as all the other creatures that share the planet with us. It can be very disheartening. The news media seems to jump all over any catastrophe. It seems like we enjoy seeing people fall from grace. So, not only does our personal life reflect back what we think and feel – but so does the collective consciousness. The more anger, hatred and fear we feel and create as a species – the more we’ll see it reflected in our world. And it compounds… one person with a hate filled heart can drag another person into their reality, then two can take it to others, then ten, one hundred, one thousand, and so forth. Isn’t it crazy that the entire COVID virus started with one person and has now gone everywhere in the world? How is that possible? It’s the same with love and hate and happiness and hatred and peace and fear. One person can change the world. It’s a matter of how strongly you feel about it. Because, whatever you’re putting out will compound. And you’ll see it reflected back to you. What if everyone on earth decided to see everything and everyone and every situation with love in their heart today? We get so caught up in our trivialities of life, we forget who we are. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are a speck on a planet that is a speck in a galaxy that is a speck in the universe… and we are so often living scared and fearful and angry about, what? Small, trivial things. On this Easter Sunday, a day of resurrection, we can begin to create a new world with our own belief in the power of love and joy and peace… so much easier said than done. Because we are tested every day. Every day something will test us. Social media is the great tester of of patience and will. I’m sure none of us have ever seen that, right? A thread go off the rails because people can’t believe anyone else could have an opinion different than their own, and go out of their way to try proving they are right. And name calling, blocking, some really ugly dialogue can be exchanged. Why? Does all that anger help at all? You can walk away from it, or refuse to let yourself be a part of it. The internet makes it easier to be a jerk. It also makes it easier to spread thoughts of love, faith and gratitude as well. The more we realize and focus on that, the more it will be reflected back to us… May your day be filled with love and joy today and always 🙂

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