Looking Out My Back Window #26

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Christmas Eve. Sunday. We have everyone over for Christmas morning, it’s a big deal. Tree, presents, Family… grandkids make out pretty good on the deal. I guess I have a lot of mixed feelings about the whole thing. When I was a kid, it was all about the presents… pretty much that was it. I was an only child, so I did pretty well in those days. Usually got quite a haul. There was a bit of family gathering, too I guess. We had kind of a small family. But it wasn’t really ever a spiritual thing for us that I can remember. I really don’t know much at all about Christmas traditions, or how they came to be, but… why do we give each other gifts at Christmas? Shouldn’t this be a religious holiday… and specifically, a Christian religious holiday? Maybe a time for reflection, love and peace? I do believe that it is for many of us, but it’s also a time for overspending, crazy commercialism, and for many people it can be a sad and depressing time as well. Like many things in life, this time of year will mean to us what we ourselves make it mean to us. I’m totally a creature of habit, so once I start doing something on a daily, weekly, or annual basis, it can be done that way for years without really exploring that there are other options available. There are always other options available. Why do we find ourselves here, wherever that is for you, at this point in our lives, living with and where we are, wearing what we wear, working where we work?… wherever we find ourselves was created by all our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs up until this day. Be willing to change your concept of yourself if there is anything started years ago that no longer serves you. I often find two parts of myself that fight for attention on a daily basis: there’s “focused and driven” Dave. Usually wears a suit. Can have an intimidating presence. Gets things done, and doesn’t have much time for delays of any kind. Mindset says “I will outwork you, outproduce you, my quest is to be #1 always in everything I do”. Very competitive. I love that Dave, but he often eats up a lot of time that gets taken away from “spiritual” Dave. “Spiritual Dave” loves reading and music. Really wishes to spend time daily making conscious contact with God. Usually wears a hoodie, or a T-shirt. “Spiritual Dave” writes these posts. Every once in a while, people who know me and read these posts from “Spiritual Dave” will call me out when “focused Dave” is being an overbearing jackass. “Focused Dave” usually isn’t so thrilled about that. The two Dave’s are part of one entity and each of them will find ways to eat into the others space. So, when I’m playing in a band – something I started to do years ago just because I love playing bass – focused Dave will be the one taking over as band leader, booking the gigs, getting promo done, setting up the recordings, etc… and when I’m at work, where we drink from a firehose every day, business coming at us at a crazy pace, “Spiritual Dave” will slow things down and hug the people that need a hug. Will spend an entire afternoon with clients making sure they’re ok after losing a loved one. Will give hope whenever possible to people who come in having lost it. This year, I’m going to try to merge the Dave’s a bit more and let Spiritual Dave have more time. Because “focused Dave” could use the break. I wish you all a fantastic holiday season, whatever that means for you. And let’s all try to keep love in our hearts year round. “You don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to” – Anonymous

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