Looking Out My Back Window #271

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Another grey day as Wisconsin heads into autumn. Weird how grey days can affect you mentally. I went to get the paper this morning, (yes we still have an actual paper delivered), it was cold and grey and so was my mood. So, today I had this great idea for a topic, and in the time it took to write about the grey day – it fell right out of my head. And I have no idea where it went because the harder I look the farther away it seems to be – like my intuition is saying “colder, colder” in the game of hide and go seek. I went and did something else for a while hoping it would just pop back into my brain, but no luck. I hate that. It’s why I tend to write everything down – I have notepads everywhere, full of notes – personal, business… just so I can make sure there’s something in writing I can look back on if I forget what it was I wanted to do, or look into, or get done… of course there are apps for that as well – I use them when paper isn’t available. But I didn’t write the topic down because I just figured I’d “remember” it. Often when this happens, hours later when we’re doing something totally unrelated it’ll just pop into our heads and be there. Right?… and we’ll wonder what the heck was that all about? And we’ll never know. It’s a life lesson. If you try to force things, they won’t come to you. But when you let go and let God… it’ll come to you without any effort at all. And this is a great lesson for me today. Obviously better than whatever it was I was going to write, because really – every week I write these it’s just coming from my stream of thoughts. I might have an idea on the topic, but the words just flow once I post the photo. I tend to set goals and be ruthless on myself to attain everything, no matter how unrealistic they are, quickly and efficiently. Which often means trying to force 10 hours of stuff into a one hour window instead of just enjoying every moment and knowing I’ll get as much done as I can, in the time I can, and letting the day flow from there. Forcing things brings anxiety and tension. Surrendering to the moments in front of you and doing things with that mindset makes for a much calmer existence. And the more time off you take, the easier it is to live that way. It’s a strange dichotomy. Anyway, I’m going to do my best to work on taking some time for myself today and tomorrow, then getting back to normal business on Tuesday refreshed and ready to go. Sometimes we need to step back to move forward.

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