Looking Out My Back Window #272

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This week had me thinking a bit about how someday this view will no longer be mine. This house, which I consider our house – isn’t really our house at all. Everything I own isn’t mine at all. Some day there will be someone else living here. Maybe there will be a family member here after we’re gone, maybe not. At some point in the future it’ll most likely be owned by someone who will know nothing at all about us. Maybe they’ll cut the giraffe down and wonder what the people who did all those tree carvings and added a kaleidoscope were like. Maybe they’ll know about these posts, years of them, taken through the back window – maybe they won’t. As I stood outside yesterday just in awe of how life works and how we got here I realized the great love and affection I have for this property. And I started thinking about everything else, too – all the musical gear, my car, workout gear, books, records, furniture, etc – all the ”stuff” we have…. What will happen? Where will it go? Someday someone else will own all of it. Someday a good portion of it will just get tossed out. We come in with nothing, we leave with nothing. In the middle we’re playing the game of life. Does the person with the most stuff win? Not really. Do you wake up excited about playing the game every day? That’s how you win at the game of life. Create an existence you look forward to participating in every day. We certainly have that. It’s easy to get attached to the things we use along the way, but really – we own nothing except the moment we’re in right now. Keep the things and people that create the best moments. Create the life you can’t wait to live.

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