Looking Out My Back Window #273

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Everyone that is, that was, or that ever will be, has a heart that beats to their own rhythm and we are all unique individuals within the combined spectrum of humanity. Humanity likes to impose itself into our thoughts about what is and isn’t the proper way to live. When our hearts don’t match our moments this creates a life lived outside the uniqueness that we are meant to bring to the world. You are the only you that is, was, or ever will be. When your heart tells you to do things in a way that won’t exactly match what your parents, friends, or society, deems “normal” your mind will start to go crazy. Your mind wants routine. Your mind doesn’t want any upset. Your mind is rigid and fearful of change. Your heart?… the center of love, compassion, empathy, giving and possibilities… is not fearful of change because it requires you to act on faith. Do you have faith? Faith in yourself? Do you listen to what your heart says to you? We create our lives based on what our internal dialogue is, and who we’re listening to. The rigid, fearful mind and the free flowing, loving heart are always competing within us. But when you keep a job you hate just because of the money, stay in a bad relationship because of the fear of what would happen if it ended, or keep friends around just because you’ve known them forever even though you don’t really like spending time with them… your moments aren’t really matching your heart. It’s a recipe for anxiety and depression. Listen to the calling from deep within you. Have some faith. Surrender to the possibilities that are given. Be the best you you can be. Make sure your heart, your passion, your love is evident in your life. And take your passion and uniqueness into everything you do. When you’re truly in every moment, when your heart is full of love and gratitude, then you’re allowing yourself to shine the way you were meant to. All of humanity is lifted up when we embrace our hearts, have faith, and live our lives from there.

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