Looking Out My Back Window #297

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Hurry up and read this! You have places to go, things to do, people to meet – my God, man – how can you possibly take the time to read a long post? Go go go! It’s Sunday, doesn’t matter – hurry up!… I started reading a book called “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” yesterday, and it really opened my eyes to how much we as a society, and certainly me as a person, cram so much stuff into our lives we’re constantly in a state of tension and anxiety because there is no way anyone could ever get it all done. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot to do, I’m talking about having too much to do, where it starts to affect you inside and out. When we’re rushed and hurried we’re never in the moment, and easily angered and upset, too. And I, for one, am in this state way too often. As a person who has obsessive/compulsive tendencies – it can become an addiction. That constant rush of trying to cram everything in, being pulled in ten directions all at once, can certainly lead to what people would say looks like a successful and productive life, but what is the cost?… are we the most joyful and happy when we’re in a hurry?… when I think of the greatest, happiest moments in my life – not a single one was because I was in a hurry. They are all times when life slowed down and I was in the moment. When you’re late for a meeting, stuck in traffic, and have to drop your kids off along the way – and they ask you a question – is it more or less likely you’ll respond in a negative fashion in that moment? Yet, we as a society are trending more and more in that direction. So, how are you today?… “I’m doing great – just busy”… pretty common answer, right? It’s almost always what I say. My book Feed Your Angel was subtitled “Overcoming Our Addiction to Ego”. Hurry is ego personified. For crying out loud, I wrote a book about it and I didn’t see it sneaking back in. I guess it’s because I had so much going on?… You can’t be present and loving and be in a hurry.