Looking Out My Back Window #330

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My mind has been busy this week. All over the place, but in no small part thinking about a couple “what if” scenarios. #1: what if you could leave your body entirely, and yet still be in there as well. What if you could invisibly observe yourself from afar. Watch what you do, what you think, what you eat, what you wear, how you hold yourself, etc… all of it… but as an outside observer. What would you see as your best attributes? What would be your areas of concern? What advice would you give yourself if you were seeing yourself through the eyes only of your soul, which knows no boundaries? This idea is killing me a bit. It brings me to two different schools of thought, I guess. One is – lighten up. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to always be the best at everything you do. Don’t be so concerned when you gain a pound or two. Set yourself up so life isn’t so stressful. And the other?… you get one shot at life, so do your best at everything. Start with physical health, make that a huge priority. Do something meaningful every day in that regard. Make sure what you’re eating is good fuel. You need premium fuel, stay away from the foods and portions that don’t serve you well. Stay creative. Play music. A lot. Just for fun. Write, for the love of it, even if nobody ever reads or cares about it. And always focus yourself on helping others in any way you can. Live gratefully and generously. This second version can seemingly create more stress, as trying to work a healthy physical lifestyle into every day isn’t easy at all. But, I know from past experience – when I am at my best physically, I’m at my best mentally. When I’m at my best mentally, it affects everything else in my life – for the better. So maybe a cross-pollination between the two? Focus on health, do the best I can do at everything, and cut myself some slack if I’m not always 100% perfect. Hmmm… the other “what if” that’s been on my mind this week… what if we’re all just entities in a huge cosmic playground? Right now, we’re here on earth. Why are humans the only animals on earth that can think like we do? That can build houses, cars, computers, rocket ships, etc?… the other animals also have feelings, right? They have personalities. Your dog or cat, maybe even your bird or goldfish, you love them because of who they are. What if another species got so developed they could build weapons and houses and cars and stuff?… that’s something to maybe follow up on at another time – but, really – why are we here? What exactly is this life? What if when we die, we go back to the cosmic headquarters where we meet up with others and discuss where we’ve been, what we did, what a crazy ride we had, etc… and then you get to pick your next adventure. Like, when you do – you’ll be going in cold again with no knowledge of the past lives at all. And why is it, when people discuss this, it seems to always be just contained here on earth – couldn’t we be reborn on an entirely different solar system in a world we can’t even conceive of as earthlings? Why is there pain and death and suffering? Maybe we chose earth before we ever got here just to experience life as a human. And once you make that choice, the only way back is to die. I know many of you will have ideas about this based on your own religious beliefs, but to me – we’ll never know until it happens. All we have is now. All we have is the present moment. How we use our present moments creates our lives. I’m going to use the rest of the moments I have to be the healthiest version of myself I can be, and to help other people be the best version of themselves as well, in any way I can. Enjoy the ride, it’s the only one we have right now. And now is all we have.