Looking Out My Back Window #339

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View from my room here at the yoga retreat in Puerto Rico. For the first time ever, I’m doing the Sunday post from my iPhone, as the power is out today in Vieques. My iPad has no internet, and I can’t hotspot either for some reason. So I have to just go with the flow and improvise. This trip has had a lot of that with weather delays, missed flights, and an unexpected overnight so far. And through it all I just kept thinking “I wonder what God has planned here. Be interesting to see how this works out.” It wasn’t always this way for me. In the past, I would have been pissed off and frustrated with the weather delays. Then, really worried and anxious once I realized I was going to miss the flight to the island, and was going to have to stay in San Juan for a night and try to figure out how to get to Vieques the following day. Not until right before boarding did I learn I had no way to get to the island once I landed. I was landing in San Juan traveling by myself with no place to stay and no plan to get to my final destination. So, I set up the inflight internet and started looking for an Airbnb. Found one that looked interesting – an hour from the airport near the ferry to get me to the island the next day. I had conversations with the owner and was just going to book it when – the internet went down. It was only good when in the US. So the last half of the flight he there was nothing I could do except play solitaire on my iPad. Once we landed, I texted the Airbnb owner letting her know what happened and asking if the room was still available – it was. There was also a driver available for me to take me to that city with some other people on the retreat. I had a plan – I told the Airbnb person I’d pay an asap once I got my luggage… then my luggage didn’t show up. Ugh. I went to the baggage claim and they said – oh, it’s here, we’ll go get it for you. Then you can head upstairs to get your room voucher. I said “what? Room voucher?”… they said, yes – you’ve been rescheduled on the first flight out tomorrow and we’re putting up for the night – here’s taxi vouchers to get you to and from the hotel and $45 in meal vouchers as well. Wow. I cancelled the Airbnb and the other driver. The hotel was fantastic, and I had a really good meal on the house. The driver was also great, he came back and picked me up in the morning, too – and the flight was incredible. They made me the co-pilot. It was absolutely fantastic all the way around and totally unexpected. Thank God the internet went down when it did. As I’m writing right now, a black lab just came up to my veranda and laid down next to me. Totally unexpected. And we can make all the plans we want to in life, but sometimes – if you just let life happen – the plans that it has will just blow you away. Have faith in the face of disaster. Everything always works out if you see it that way. And get in touch with love today. And every day. The longer I live the more I realize the power we have to love and be loving, and what a difference we can make when we see that, understand it and start living from that place within us.