Looking Out My Back Window #348

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Seems like everything moves at a speed now that maybe we haven’t quite caught up to yet. And maybe we shouldn’t even be trying to, either. It’s all instant gratification, right? Everything is incredible, but we get pissed off when the internet is too slow. Or there’s a delay in our flight. It wasn’t that long ago that there was NO internet. Or, really – planes, either, for that matter. I think all of it is amazing. How we ever evolved to this point – absolutely amazing and incredible. Having a house to live in, a car, computers, musical instruments, everything we have and use, including running water, indoor plumbing, lamps, carpet – all of it – what a great time to be alive. What if other species developed to the point that they started creating stuff? That question has always interested me, but maybe hold that thought for another day. Today’s post has to do with this – with all this content available to us, we can see the lives and talents of other people all over the world like never before. On my Facebook and Instagram feed I see incredible musicians, amazing athletes, entrepreneurs who are creating new businesses, people who travel all over the world, and I’ve met many people people online I never would have gotten to know without the internet. Having this amount of information can be inspiring or defeating, though. As a musician, specifically a bass player, there are a lot of really incredible players out there. Charles Berthoud, for example. Anyone who knows me as a bass player probably could also tell you I think he’s the greatest bass player of all time. Would anyone even know about him without the internet, though? It’s totally how he created his fan base. Davie504 and Vincen Garcia are other examples. Giacomo Turra is a guitar player touring the world now, who got famous because of his amazing Instagram posts. And there are many, many more… some really young kids who are just killing it, too. We’ve probably all seen the videos of four year old kids drumming along with Rush or something like that, right? Inspiring or defeating? A bit of both, actually. When I watch Charles, Davie and Vincen play, their videos are really inspiring to me. They make everything look so effortless. And it makes me want to practice. But – once I start working on my own playing… ugh. Makes me realize the severe limitations I have as well. And that can be somewhat defeating. Like, you know – why even try when there’s so many people out there who totally kick my ass and create way better content than I could ever do?… right? Just sell it all and give up. This week I started to realize something, though. In the entire world, there are really just a handful of players at that level. Like – percentage wise – very, very few. And none of them can do exactly what I do. Because we’re all unique. And if we’re an artist in any way, we owe it to the world, and to our own selves, to develop and share it. The insanely talented people we now have more access to than ever before – let them be inspirations. Let them inspire us not to copy them, but to be the best we can be. Because once we create our own content, or business, or start our own fitness journey – I guarantee you, there will be other people inspired by us as well. What if we all just did everything we could to be the best people we could be? And cheered each other along as they did the same? Now there’s an idea that we could all get behind. Let’s do that. Let’s create, and inspire, and let ourselves be inspired to push our own boundaries beyond what we thought was possible. And support each other along the way. I look forward to seeing what you create 🙂

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