Looking Out My Back Window #349

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As much as I’m a creature of routine, I think I’ve also always been open to trying something new as well. We have to stay open to opportunities as they arise, right? So, when we were planning our Spring trip for this year, and trying to find a nice beach to go to, without too long a flight… we hit a bit of a brick wall due to the timing. Spring break and all. But we saw that the dates we wanted were available… in Las Vegas. At first, we were like – yeah, right. We’re gonna take the grandkids to Las Vegas… but, then we looked into it further – and there sure is a lot to do in Las Vegas. Not just drinking and gambling, either (neither of which interest us at all). Short flight… but way out of our comfort zone. Once we started warming up to the idea, it seemed like everyone we knew had been to Las Vegas, and they all had a great time. So, Vegas it is!… We got in last night – so the shows, events, and exploration starts in earnest today. Whenever you go out of the zone, you’re taking a chance. No matter what it is. Eating different. Learning an instrument. Going somewhere you’ve never been. Changing jobs. Sometimes you knock it out of the park. Sometimes you strike out. But don’t just sit in the dugout. When life tells you you need to step up to the plate, take your best shot. Because so often magic happens just on the other side of our comfort zone, right? And you’ll never know unless you go there. Hoping for great things this week. Not a beach in sight… 👀

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