Looking Out My Back Window #356

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Mother’s Day today. The whole process of being a mother, and having a baby – it’s incredible to me. First off, it’s incredible to me because if I was of the gender where “having a baby” was possible, well – nope, nope – not doing it, no interest in that at all – having a watermelon sized life form coming out of any orifice in my body would hold no interest at all for me – no, thank you – I’m not doing it… I’d never have sex at all. So, the fact that there are so many babies conceived at all, much less so many women who actually want to have a baby – that’s amazing in and of itself to me. Then, from there – the whole process, really – we all came to life through another human being. For nine months we lived inside another person. I think it’s that connection that we only have with our mothers that makes the bond between a mother and a child so special. You won’t and can’t ever have that connection with anyone else. Mothers become our safety net. Not always, I get that – not everyone wants to be, or is willing to accept the role of being a mother. But, in general – who’s the one person you turn to when you need help the most? Who is the first call for emotional support when you need to discuss something nobody else would understand? Who is the one person you can be vulnerable with without being fearful about it? It’s your mom. Your mom will be there for you and support you with unconditional love through the darkest times in your life. All the dumb stuff you do, she won’t care. She’ll love you through it all. She’ll also maybe drive you a little crazy throughout your life as well, trying to make sure you’re alright, and that everything is going well in your life. Because, to a mother – your life matters way more than her own. They will do anything to make sure you’re happy and safe. And they do not last forever, either. My mom passed on years ago. I was there. I was the only one there. The last words she heard were “Mom, it’s your son David. I’m here. I love you”. Emotions run high when it comes to our mothers – nobody could make me angry in an instant like she could – but what an amazing woman. Smart, funny, and crazy independent for her time as well. One of my favorite photos of her was taken most likely in the 1930s – a professional photo shoot. And I think it was pretty risqué for the time. I never really got the story behind that from her, but it does show what a beautiful and confident woman she was. I’ll post it below. I no longer have her in my physical world anymore. So, if your mom is alive today, hug her extra hard. Tell her how much she means to you. The other 364 days will be all about you in her mind, but for today? Make her feel like a Queen. Because all mothers are royalty, and today is their special day.

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