Looking Out My Back Window #358

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We create own own realities. In the reality I’ve created for myself, I need a lot of time alone for introspection. I basically always have. I love being alone. Mornings are my favorite time of the day – it’s quiet. I’m always the first person up. I spend at least an hour every day writing and reading. I’ve written three pages a day every day for years now. I just write down everything as it comes into my head. That stream of thoughts we can’t shut off? Write it down until three theme pages are full. Weird thing is – sometimes the words don’t seem to be coming. How can that be? Thoughts never stop. But the page will be blank and the pen won’t be writing. Other times I’ll go four, five – sometimes six pages or more – the words just flow effortlessly. But to me, I can’t even think about not doing it every day. It’s a habit now. I start every day that way, and it helps me get a handle on who I am, what’s important to me, where I’m at mentally and emotionally, how I see myself and my life, and what are areas I need to – or really, want to – improve on. I’m basically never satisfied with anything. We are today the result of the decisions we’ve made every day throughout our lives. It’s crazy how seemingly small decisions can have such a huge impact years later. Why did you ask this person out, but not that person? Why did you pick that pet? Why did you stop or start working out? Why were you in that place at that time that led to – a DUI, an injury, or an amazing chance encounter?… we are what we made ourselves out to be. We are what we saw and believed ourselves to be. Who we’ll be in the future wil be molded by what we see and believe for ourselves today. Do you think about that at all? What is your ideal future? Can you visualize it? More importantly, can you see it and believe it for yourself? And if so, can you commit to doing whatever it takes to make it a reality? So many of us don’t have a clear picture of what we’d like our future to look like. I have a mantra I repeat to myself every day, many times a day – “I am happy. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am thin.” For the most part, I see myself as all those things, but there are times I will run though that mantra and my “inside” voice will say “no you aren’t”. Right now, lately – I’m having trouble with “I am thin”. I try to do as much as I can to stay physically and mentally fit – that’s extremely important to me – but.. I also run a business, I work bizarre hours, I often get home late, and getting home late tired and hungry can be a bad combination. So I overeat, and I usually like something sugary after dinner as well – then I beat myself up the next day at my weigh in. I have a hard limit of 185 lbs that I can’t justify going over, and I’ve been way too close to that for a while now. I do know that, in the past – if I ever get over 185, that is the line that will get me to take significant action. Sometimes we’re just running things on auto-pilot, you know? Not really thinking about what the cumulative effect will be. Time moves slowly, but quickly. Blink and there goes five years. It’s the small things you commit to today that will determine where you’ll be tomorrow. See and believe the best of all futures for yourself. Then commit to making it a reality. Because – we create our own realities. And the reality life creates for you without a plan might not be where you want to be. You’ll see it when you believe it – enough to make it your reality, and commit to moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

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