Looking Out My Back Window #55

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1st photo I took today, looking out the back window of my home office. Fog. Looked awesome, had to take the shot. This week I actually had some topics come up that I considered writing about today – death was one. Shame/embarrassment was another. But when I saw the fog this morning, I started thinking about it as a metaphor for life. I think we all go through periods mentally where our heads aren’t totally in the game for some reason, where we have “mental fog”. It’s hard to focus, everything just seems “off”, and maybe there’s an underlying level of overall dissatisfaction. Like, is this it? This will be my life? If I died today, have I really accomplished anything? Outdoor fog will eventually go away on its own, but mental fog can really get stuck in there. My personal experience is that it’s often followed by periods of just the opposite, extreme focus, determination, and a feeling that everything will always work out right and total gratitude and love for everything in my life. If I died today, I’d be just fine with it as I lived the fullest life I could and affected as many people as possible in a positive way. So, how many people are in there? Because those two definitions don’t even sound like the same person. Yet they are. Our minds are roller coasters of feelings and emotions, and they can be thrown off one way or another easily with just a phone call and some new information (either good or bad). That is not who we are, though. Who we really are is behind the mind, watching it go through it’s paces, it’s upsets and achievements, the periods where it’s foggy, the times when it’s all sun and roses… and the fog will be thicker and stay longer the less we are in touch with our soul, which resides just behind the mind and watches it all unfold. That part of us can remove the fog in an instant, or never let it enter at all if we’re really in touch with it. Very few people ever get to that point. For the rest of us, there will be fog once in a while. The fog in our back yard is gone now, it’s beautiful outside. It was beautiful outside when the fog was there, too. If only we saw ourselves like that

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