Looking Out My Back Window #6

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So… looking out my back window today I’m thinking about the things I did as a kid for fun. One of them was reading comic books. I love comic books to this day. Still read the daily comics in the paper every day I can, too. But lately, I’ve been putting cartoons &/or comics into my daily reading, mostly by digging up old comic book collections that I have in book form and going through them. Many of the things I liked to read back in the day either aren’t published anymore, or aren’t in the Milwaukee Journal daily comics anymore. So, I finished up all my “Ernie/Piranha Club books and just started on my “Far Side” collection. Man, I love Far Side. I have all the Far Side Gallery books. Every one has actual laugh out loud moments for me. I have to read until I get to at least one of those every day I have time to read (which often just means Saturday and Sunday unfortunately). Laughter is SO good for the soul. But, this is beyond that for me. It has a whole emotional attachment to the little boy who loved comics and baseball cards and shooting baskets and could just let life come to him without any of the bullshit that gets stuck in an adult mind about bills and work and mound systems and garage roofs and… well, you get the idea. Read a comic book today. Laugh. Share it with someone in your family. Laugh together. Take that sense of humor into your day. Get back in touch with something you loved to do as a child – another thing I have on my agenda is to start visiting the library again… I went to the library a lot when I was a kid. Checked out ALBUMS and recorded them to cassette back in the day (along with books)… there’s just something really cool about rekindling those childhood experiences and feelings (the good ones anyway)… and if you find something worth posting, please share with me in the comments. I’ll add my “LOL” moment as a comment as well. Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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