Looking Out My Back Window #63

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Looks like a nice day today. We spend a lot of time and money on things to make ourselves look and/or smell good on the outside – clothes, perfumes, plastic surgery, hair implants, makeup, and many other things. The industries involved in making us look and smell good are huge, we pour gazillions into them every year. But when you get right down to it, beauty isn’t really so much about what you have on – it’s more about what you have IN. What’s behind it all? Behind designer clothes, perfume, makeup, surgery, all that time and money spent to look good – how’s your heart? Do you exude love? Are you kind? Maybe if we spent less on how we look and more on who we are the world wouldn’t be so hateful, and we could see that what we have in is more important than what we have on. Have you ever met someone and thought right away, “wow, they’re really good looking”, then gotten to know them and found them to be total jerk faces? Does it then affect how you see them outwardly at all? I think it can. Eventually you can look at that same person and wonder why you ever thought they were good looking at all if you know there’s a darkness within. And that can happen in reverse, too. People who have a bright inner light will affect your perception of them more than any clothes or perfume can.  The best way to make a good first impression is to be a good person. People sometimes scoff that the self help industry is also a gazillion dollar industry, but it should be. Self help and spiritual study will do more for how others view you than anything you can do physically. Don’t get me wrong, I do think both are important – please don’t stop bathing or changing clothes because it’s more important to meditate – but maybe just think about this, and see if it holds true for you as well. Who are the people you see as shining stars in your life? Is it because of what they wear, or who they are? Be that star for the people who love you. It’s what we wear inside that counts. Try wearing love in your heart more often, and see how it affects your life.

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