Looking Out My Back Window #62

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Must be writing a bit earlier than usual today – first time I ever remember getting the reflection of the lamp in the background. It’s somewhat fitting for today’s topic I guess. I sometimes wonder how and/or why I started writing these posts, and what made me finally stick with it as a weekly thing. This is the 62nd “Looking Out My Back Window” post. Haven’t missed a week, no matter where we were. And those of you who know me might feel that the Dave you know in real life isn’t like the Dave who writes these posts at all. “Real life” Dave can be intense, focused, mean, self centered, and intimidating. I have to admit, there’s things I really like about that Dave. But inside all of us, there shines a light (much like the lamp in today’s photo) that connects us to our source. We’re all a work in progress. These posts are one way for me to reflect on what’s really important in life, and try to express it in words. Weekly. I’m not writing because I think I have it all figured out – quite the contrary. I write because I’m trying to figure it all out. We all are. I feel that the more I can get in touch with my source, God, love, it doesn’t matter to me what you call it – higher power, etc… the more love I’ll have in my life. I have a strong, intense, focused ego that fights me on this. So, I have to turn that lamp on every day, and at least once a week sit and really think about what’s important. Maybe someday, after years of practice, people will see the Dave that writes these posts in real life. A few people close to me know this Dave, but I’m pretty sure “ego” Dave is still the default setting for now. In life, it’s hard to change anything you’ve been doing for years. And, as I said, there are aspects of ego Dave I really like. So, maybe it’s more about balance. I’m still like 95/5% “ego” Dave to “blog” Dave outside these posts. But I’m working on it. And the question all this brings up for me is, who is it within me that likes “ego” Dave so much? Why, it’s ego Dave himself! Which makes it hard to change. Our ego is the voice that won’t stop talking, that narrates our lives. In order to get in touch with our source, we need to look behind that voice to the part of us that watches what we think. Then try to live from there. It’s not easy, many people won’t even try, but I feel like life flows better for me, I make better decisions, the more I’m in touch with the timeless essence that flows through everything. I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments to these weekly posts. It helps to know I’m not the only person working on these things. After a long slew of being very vigilant about daily meditations, I’ve fallen away from it recently, and I can totally feel it. But that’s part of being a work in progress. We do what we can, and we get better. So do what you can today, and I will too. If we get enough people to join us, we can change the world, which is also a work in progress. One person at a time. Like the starfish parable here: https://starfishproject.com/the-parable/

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