Looking Out My Back Window #98

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This week’s blog is coming to you a day earlier than usual. With big family plans for Mother’s Day tomorrow, and a late night tonight playing with the band, thought I’d go ahead and get it done while I have the time today. I just got back from a four mile walk with my dog, much of it through the woods around our house. The entire time today, I was struck by how amazing the woods are. It’s pure chaos in there, yet it’s perfect. Somehow it’s calm. Trees break, limbs fall off, animals all over the place, nothing is organized – and it’s awesome. The woods just lets it be what it is. And when our lives are chaotic, seemingly out of control, and we get anxious and worried and angry and frustrated… the woods can teach us a lot. And, of course, I thought a bit about mom today – she passed several years ago. So, it got me to thinking about mothers in general. What makes them so special? I think it has to do with unconditional love. We see so little unconditional love in our lives. When it comes to humans, for most of us, the shining star in this category will be our mothers. When you’ve totally screwed everything up, when you are at the end of your rope and emotionally spent, in a place where you feel you can’t possibly let your guard down enough to discuss the mess you’ve made of things with another human – where else can you turn? Mom. It’s always mom. No matter what else is going on around her, she’ll be a rock. She’ll love and support you through anything. She’s the one who will get you through. And who’s the first person you want to share any success with? Mom. Mothers have that special bond with their children that connects the two from a place within much deeper than any other relationship. It’s soul to soul. Unconditional love. What if we all saw each other the way mothers related to their children? With that kind of love? Maybe then the forest of humanity could find peace. Call your mom, see your mom, love your mom – and not just tomorrow. Because those of you who still have mothers to hug will find yourself motherless someday. How much do you know about their lives? Sometimes just asking questions you can find out amazing things about this woman you’d never know without having a conversation, and the time you have is limited. My mom is gone, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize my wife Laurie here, as she is the epitome of what a good mother is (IMO). Total selfless, unconditional love. She will bring calm to any chaos the kids hit her with, no matter what is going on in her life. I’m just glad to be along to see it, because we all need more love, especially love without conditions, in our lives. So, love your mom today, tomorrow and every day. I know this won’t be the case for everyone, all relationships are different, but I hope we all have someone in our lives we can look at and learn from in this way. Have a great Mother’s Day everyone. Maybe go for a walk in the woods 🙂

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