Looking Out My Back Window #11

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Packer game day. Lower left you’ll see some of the “shrine”. Gnome didn’t quite get in the photo, but rest assured he’s there. Another beautiful day in WI. Love looking out this window. Thinking a bit today about “what is normal” and why we let the idea of “normalcy” drive any decisions in our life, especially when and if our hearts are pulling us in another direction. Uncertainty? Fear?… I guess uncertainty is fear. Do we lose some of our belief in ourselves as we age? Do we start conforming more with what we view as “normal”? Doesn’t society drive “normalcy” into us? What the heck IS normal, anyway? I have great admiration for people who obviously have found ways to be themselves within the framework of still having to pay rent & eat & be somewhat responsible. You really need to know and be comfortable with who and what you are to truly follow your heart in spite of what others might think or say. There are probably thousands of ideas that never see the light of day because they get shot down before ever leaving your head. How does this happen? When do we learn not to trust ourselves? A little at a time over time, that’s how. Having an idea shot down or ridiculed doesn’t feel good. Over time, many of us (maybe most of us), learn to keep things to ourselves if they fall out of the norm, which denies some potentially great ideas from ever seeing the light of day. And can lead to a life (as Thoreau said) of quiet desperation. We fall into ruts. We stop thinking about what is possible. We don’t realize our full potential, and we’re doing it to ourselves. Periodically listen to your heart. What’s important to you? What are you values? What are you doing about it? We don’t have enough time on earth to live the life we think we should be living based on someone else’s interpretation. Find your passion. Try to think of ways to improve your life, then implement them in some way. If every day you wrote “10 ways to improve my life” and were constantly thinking and looking for new ideas, what would happen? You’d wind up doing some of them. Your life would improve. No matter what anyone else thinks. There’s a place inside all of us that knows what we yearn for. Find it, look at it, implement what you can. Best time to start? Now. It’s the only moment we ever have control of. I look forward to seeing all of you quit your jobs, start new businesses and head off on crazy excursions 

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