Looking Out My Back Window #10

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Different view out our back door today. Beautiful out there, we love it here. Could have slept in again – didn’t. Think I have an idea why I don’t sleep in well on the weekends. Because I love the mornings. Weekend mornings are the best. So peaceful. No schedule to adhere to, no demands… just get up and do whatever you want. Which usually means coffee (Black Waters Morning Rush – it’s fantastic), doing my morning pages (I write three pages a day – check out the book “The Artist’s Way” on this subject. I recommend the book and the practice for everyone), reading and meditating. I pretty much only read self help, spiritual, and/or biographies. I need things that lift me up. I need people in my life that lift me up. The longer I live, the more positive things I uncover because negative influences start to naturally fall by the wayside opening the door for more abundance and love. This is my favorite time of the day, really the entire week – weekend mornings. So, once I’m even a little awake – I’m up. Can’t wait to get started. I had a few “down” months there where we were hit by some rather large expenses, drastic changes at work, and a lot of things pulling me in a lot of directions (band starting to play shows and working on new cd release, running a large meeting at work in November that takes a lot of planning, taking over as Vice President in my BNI chapter in October, redoing my websites, etc, etc)… and I can feel we’re pulling out of that phase and into the subsequent “upswing” that always follows a lull… so many ideas today, so much to do… all good. Got up early and hope to make full use of the day. One of the things I’d like to work on: how can every morning start like a weekend morning? Kudos to those of you who have made that happen. Ok, I gotta go – I get an extra morning this weekend due to the holiday, and I have big plans. Like, right now – I plan to get more coffee 

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